RedLub Synth Winter Grease

RedLub Synth Winter Grease

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Synthetic universal frost-resistant plastic lubricant based on polyalphaolefin and lithium complex soap

Sheet of technical work

  • Usage

    Spinning reels

    Open Bearings

    The main couple in the winter period ( up to 3 months)

    Endless screw

    Suitable for use in mechanisms of any alloy

  • Advantages

    • High anti-corrosion properties
    • Compatible with plastics and elastomers
    • Resistant to washing off with water
    • High adhesion to lubricated surfaces
    • Long service life
    • Wear protection
    • Low shear resistance even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Recommended operating temperature

    –40°C to +100°C

  • Storage conditions

    Store at a temperature not exceeding +40°C in a ventilated area. Store in a tightly closed sealed container, eliminating the ingress of precipitation and dust into the product. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not store near acids, oxygen cylinders and other strong oxidizing agents; compressed and liquefied gases; flammable substances.

  • Restrictions on use

    A compatibility test with sealing materials is recommended before serial application if the lubricant is in contact with them.

    Shelf life — 3 years from the date of manufacture.

  • Precautionary measures

    Keep away from sources of ignition, heat, sparks and open fire. In compliance with the norms and requirements of safety the product is not harmful to the human body.