RedLub Synthetic Uni Grease

RedLub Synthetic Uni Grease

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Multipurpose synthetic frost and heat resistant grease. Produced on the basis of polyalphaolefin and aluminum complex soap with antifriction additives.

Technical description sheet.

  • Application

    Spinning coils:

    • Line roller (RLU) (diluted with WT reel Oil)
    • Main gear with moderate wear (low to middle size grade)
    • Worm-shaft
    • Secondary gears (friction units made of various materials)
    • Crank carriage groove
    • Friction units of the bow support
    • Slideways (dilute with WT Reel Oil to desired consistency)


    Multiplier reels:

    • Worm-shaft of the line laying system. Exposed screws on the baitcasting reels.
    • Carrier friction units
    • Main pairs (including those with obvious wear of the lower and middle price group)
    • Secondary gears (friction units made of various materials)


    Suitable for use in mechanisms of any alloy

    Compatible with plastics and elastomers

  • Benefits

    • High anti-corrosion properties
    • Compatible with plastics and elastomers
    • Highest resistance to cold or hot water washout
    • Possesses sealing properties, which protects friction units from penetration of water, dirt and dust
    • Long service life
    • Protection against wear and seizure
    • Operates in dusty conditions
    • Non-grease grease
  • Recommended operating temperature

    from –30 ° C to + 120 ° C

  • Storage conditions

    Store at a temperature not exceeding + 30 ° С in a ventilated area. Store in a tightly closed sealed container, excluding the ingress of precipitation and dust into the product. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Do not store near acids, oxygen cylinders and other strong oxidants; compressed and liquefied gases; flammable substances.

  • Restrictions on use

    Before serial use, a compatibility test with sealing materials is recommended if the grease is in contact with them.

    Expiration date - 3 years from the date of manufacture.

  • Precautions

    Keep away from sources of ignition, heat, sparks and open flames. Subject to the safety standards and requirements, the product does not harm the human body.