RedLub Reel Oil

RedLub Reel Oil

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Attention: the cap is childproof, when opening for the first time, press firmly. Mineral based universal lubricating oil.

Not alloyed, refined.


Medium viscosity from those presented in the line.

  • Application

    • Typical mineral oil
    • Bearing lubrication in light and medium grades
    • Changing the viscosity of RedLub mineral-based greases to the desired consistency
    • Lubrication of overrunning clutches (exclusively for use at positive ambient temperatures)
    • Lubricating of rod
  • Benefits

  • Recommended operating temperature

    from + 0 ° C to + 50 ° C

  • Storage conditions

    Store at a temperature not exceeding + 40 ° С in a ventilated area. Store in a tightly closed sealed container, excluding the ingress of precipitation and dust into the product. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Do not store near acids, oxygen cylinders and other strong oxidants; compressed and liquefied gases; flammable substances.

  • Restrictions on use

    Before serial use, a compatibility test with sealing materials is recommended if the grease is in contact with them.

    Expiration date - 3 years from the date of manufacture.

  • Precautions

    Keep away from sources of ignition, heat, sparks and open flames. Subject to the safety standards and requirements, the product does not harm the human body.